The Mausoleum

The Pixelated Doctors - fans of Beck Hansen

"Can't you hear those cavalry drums
Hijacking your equilibrium?
Midnight hags in the mausoleum
Where the pixelated doctors moan..."

You may join this Webring if you maintain a webpage about or containing information on the performing master Beck. The only thing I ask is that all language, photos and other content be appropriate for all age groups (understand that some Beck lyrics are a little bit PG, but don't get carried away!), and that you place the proper HTML coding on your page.

This webring was started because I saw that there was a lack of functioning webrings dedicated to Beck and I wanted to change that!

Why I gave it that title...uh...those lyrics to Sexxlaws just popped into my head. Pixels...Computers...yeah...!!!!

If you have a Beck webpage you'd like people to check out, this Webring is the perfect way to get other Beck fans onto it.

How to Join:

1) Register with Webring - If you already registered with webring system (i.e. you have a website in a webring already) skip to number 2...

2) Register your Beck webpage that you want the code to go on

3) Sign in to webring and go into the Pixelated Doctors link under "My Rings" and find the link for "Get Navigation Code". Follow the instructions there (some html knowledge is necessary**).

If there are any concerns whatsoever, please let me know!

-Heather =)
Pixelated Doctors Webring-Master
aim: weedwhacknoodle

**If you are using a quick editor with Tripod, Geocities, etc, you will have to go to the filemanager and create a new HTML page.

The navigation code will not look right at first. Do not panic - just leave it there the way it is and it will change on its own. Thanks everyone.


Pixelated Beck!
Heather's Beck Tribute


First made on Tuesday February 15th, 2000

Last changed on November 6th, 2002

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